Ownership & Funding Info

Ownership of Rugyim

Rugyim We operate on the Rugyim.com website. We are a legally registered company in Bangladesh. and have joint partners in Thailand under the Department of Business Development Established on 25 May 2017, our office is located at Lane # 93, House # 634 Dhanmonddi Dhaka Dhaka, Dhaka 1005, Bangladesh and 173/20 Surasak, Sriracha, Chonburi 20110, Thailand.

For more information about us please contact us at info@rugyim.com

Funding for Rugyim

Rugyim.com (“Site”) has been a self-funded and/or self-sufficient business organization since its inception in May 2017 with joint technical guidance between Bangladeshi and Thai developers.

Our website does not receive any funding. from third party We choose to invest the profits generated by hard work. And use that profit to expand our website business and build our own audience base. without involvement or connection with the interests of the governments of both countries

for more information Please go to the about us page.